Personal Coaching with Christopher Cook (Individuals only)

Personal Coaching with Christopher Cook (Individuals only)

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It's never too late to get unstuck and become the best you're capable of becoming. Why not start today?

Many people are worn-out, stressed-out, and unsuccessful. The "Win Today" personal coaching process provides a roadmap (not a formula) to help you get unstuck and reclaim your purpose so you'll live a confident, successful life from the inside out.

Areas of specialty include...

  • Relationships
  • Healing deep roots of fear and shame / identity issues
  • Generalized anxiety / depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Overcoming addiction
  • Time-management skills
  • Limiting beliefs about personal potential and painful past experiences
  • Strategic planning for personal purpose/calling, including leadership development

The current rate is "per hour" and for individuals only. Therefore, a quantity of "1" is equivalent to one hour of personal coaching via Skype. For corporate/group coaching, please click here.

Once your order processes, you will receive a separate email containing details on how to schedule your first personal coaching appointment(s).